• My question is not on the list, what do I do?
    Please let me know what the question is, and I will try to answer it promptly.
  • Why is there no “About” page?
    It does not seem like many people would be interested, and time to write one can be spent on something more useful. Someday I might consider it though.
  • Where did you get all those pictures?
    99.99% of pictures you see on this site are taken and post processed by me. If you would like to use one for your own project, drop me a line and you might get it for free.
  • What camera/lens are you using?
    I am mainly using Sony A7R and A7S with different lenses, native and adapted.
  • Why is this site using SSL? What is so secret about it?
    There are no secrets here, it is for your own benefit to protect your privacy. SSL became common place nowadays and it allows me to use SPDY.
  • I like the theme on this blog, where can I get it?
    Thanks, I like it too. You can get it from Themehaus. They also have one for free with a very good design. Author is responsive and provides a good support in case of issues.