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Building and running self hosted server, Introduction

In this series I will go over the process of building, optimising and running your own self-hosted server. As easy and simple as it may sound initially, it has its own challenges and issues. I will cover starting from choosing the right hardware to the common maintenance tasks and monitoring. Of course this will not be the sane level of resilience as can be found in dedicated professional environments but nonetheless it will be reliable and perform well.

Since I expect that it will take me some time to go over all of the components, it will come in parts. It will be impossible to cover 100% of the areas due to the sheer complexity involved but I am sure that it will come to you if you have desire to learn and explore other sources on the internet. Remember, Google is your friend and zeal is your guid when it comes to research.

Here is the list of initial articles that are planned so far:

  • Choosing the right internet provider, location, and hardware
  • Choosing the right OS, web server application, and plugins
  • Configuring OS
  • Configuring and tuning of web server (nginx) and its plugins
  • Configuring and tuning of WordPress, plugins, and add-ons
  • Performing maintenance (a.k.a. operations and monitoring)
  • Conclusion: brining it all together

When you will go over all of the above, you should be in good shape to spin-up your own hosting self-service. Feedback and comments are always welcome and will help me shape this series into something useful for larger audience than I could have done by myself.

First article in the series are planned to come within two weeks from now but it will depend on the higher priority demand for my time from my family and work.

Thank you for reading and hope you will visit again. To make sure that you get notification when new posts/articles are published, please subscribe to this blog.

P.S. I know that this series are completely off topic for this blog but I felt that it would be a good learning experience for everyone and will allow me to instil this knowledge in my head.

Ian Matyssik is geek to the bone with love for art and nature. In a free time likes walking with his dog and taking pictures.
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