Multifarious Faces of Fujisan

Multifarious faces of Fujisan

Leaving in Japan and relatively close to one of the World Heritage Sites, Mt. Fuji, I learned what to expect from it, unexpected. No matter how many times I observed her (I like to think of Mt. Fuji as female), the face that she presented me with was of the same shape, yet there is always subtle differences that is hard to explain in words, hence photography is to help. I have struggled finding the right word in English and settled on “multifarious” (see definition in the end of post), which, possibly due to its old roots, seems like the closest to observable reality.

With powers granted to me by photography and modern digital equipment, I have attempted to (more like, made it my mission) capture as much heterogeneity as I can. It is yet too early to say if I will succeed on this adventure but giving-up is not something I am good at, therefore persist I must.

In one of my attempts to photograph Mt. Fuji at sunrise, me and my beloved wife Aiko, together with our dear dog Hanpen woke-up in the early morning (or late night, depending on how you look at 3am), and headed toward sunrise. We arrived on time at the target destination, lake Yamanakako, just 10 minutes before first rays of the sun were supposed to hit, but to our disappointment, fog over the lake was so thick, that it was impossible to see further then 50 meters. I was not the only person with the camera at the lake, which goes to tell how hard it is to plan for unplanned.

Later in the day, after sun was up and shining, we drove around Fuji, visiting different places and enjoying the view. All in all the day was not lost and I did manage to get a few decent shots.

That is all folks, I hope that you enjoyed watching those pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. What beautiful scenes are near you?

P.S. Pardon my dog’s behinds in the title image. 😉

1. Many and of various types: “multifarious activities”
1.1 Having many varied parts or aspects: “a vast multifarious organization” Oxford Dictionaries
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