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Japanese Hanamatsuri Festival – 2014

Asia is famous for its colorful and uproarious festivals, and Japan is not an exception to that. Those parades are held in different places across Japan usually sponsored by the temple in the vicinity and supported by volunteers from the area. One such festival (Hana-Matsuri) is happening right in front of where I live in the beginning of October, when usually empty street teeming with people, participants as well as passive observers. I often volunteer to cook “yakisoba” each year, and have been doing it for the past 18 years.

This time around I have decided to document the event in more details than I have ever done before. As a result, I have taken over 500 shots and chose a few select ones to share with you. You can either watch the slide show (youtube) or just scan through all of the gallery and zoom in on the ones you would like to take a closer look at. It would really be appreciated if you could leave a comment about your favorite photograph, thanks in advance.

All of the picture you see on this page were taken with Sony Alpha 7R and Sony 70-200G lens (SEL70200G).

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