Manifestation of happiness.

I find it always fascinating how pure and animated animals are, no human, but in their youngest age, can express themselves to that extent. This is one of those pictures that was not planned and I was shooting in a machine-gun mode, snapping one shot after another, hoping to capture something of the worth. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

In the beginning I was afraid to take too many shots, forgetting how much flexibility digital photography allows. Many critics and armchair photographers will say that it is bad form, one must always prepare and compose the shot, being one step ahead of the game. To hell with that, I am not doing it professionally and enjoyment of the process (the way I want to enjoy it) is what I am after, not all of the shots being worthy of the gallery.

As a word of encouragement, pay little attention to the “professionals” when you are doing something creative, which all of the things you do should be, learn from the people you like and people whose work you appreciate. Imitation is probably one of the best forms but always find your style and comfortable approach. That is all folks, go out there and shoot some pics!

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