First Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom of 2015, in Japan

At last, it is this time of the year when we can enjoy beauties of nature and forget about our busy lives. Here is the picture of one of the first flowers of sakura (cherry tree) that was taken today during my morning walk with my beloved dog. I have performed some minor editing to fix exposure errors and sharpened it slightly. And almost forgot to mention, I am making full resolution version available for download, use it if you like it. Enjoy.

First Cherry Blossom (7360 x 4912)

Use this picture to your liking with no restrictions but simple attribution. Will surely fit any monitor that is available on the market at this time, including 5k iMac.
Ian Matyssik is geek to the bone with love for art and nature. In a free time likes walking with his dog and taking pictures.
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